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360 Degrees of Agility

Introducing the newest innovation in agility training: The Webby. Developed by Jason Day, a stuntman and former UFC fighter, this circular agility ladder changes the way an athlete trains and moves.

Training Benefits

No Instructions Required

Sets up on its own. Simply throw it on the floor and you’re ready to go!

Keep On Moving!

Holds its shape no matter what. Zero down time resetting the ladder.

Train Anywhere

Perform the same drills as with an agility ladder, but without length & shape restriction.

360 Degrees of Agility

Helps you train at any angle with precision and accuracy, a skill critical in any sport.

The Man Behind the Web

Jason Day

Jason Day Webby Agility

A life-long athlete, Jason Day hit his stride in his early 20s when he started training in Mixed Martial Arts, which led to his career in the UFC under the moniker, ‘Dooms Day’. During his fighting years, Jason was training with movement coach Tanya Lee from Body Art Motion. While working on agility drills, Jason imagined an agility ladder that would help fighters train angles more efficiently. Agility training was key to Jason’s career as an athlete, and continues as a focus in his current fitness regime. Recognizing the limitations of traditional agility equipment and ladders, he took on the task of revolutionizing agility training with The Webby.

Invaluable feedback and advice from coaches and athletes Jason trained with and competed against has helped to form this final iteration of The Webby. After many prototypes and varying sizes, we feel we have the optimal size and design to share The Webby with the world.

The Webby goes Green!

When we started on this journey, each “unit” was going to be shipped in The Webby carrying case, as well as an additional plastic bag. We started picturing the pile of garbage that would create and opted for the “green” alternative. We ditched the plastic. Your Webby may show up with a scuff or some dust from shipping, but hopefully you’re cool with that. After all, you’re going to throw it on the floor anyway.

Start training today!